Graphic T-shirts

Super soft, bright crisp colors and available in just about any color and/or style that you can imagine! This isn’t just any basic tee. The fit and feel of our super soft jersey tees is sure to take your style to the next level. Guys: To dress up your look, pair with a trendy jacket & kicks. Ladies: Tie your tee on the side and pair with a fun pair of leggings and show off your casual sexy look.

****Most designs are digital mock-ups and can be created in other colors/shirt styles.

  Please note:
  • Sublimation must go on a light color shirt.
  • Screen prints can be on any color shirt.
  • Vinyl can go on any color shirt.


  • Infant & Youth - $15 to $17
  • Tanks $20
  • T-shirts $20 to $24 (Crew-Neck & V-Neck) +$2 for long sleeve
  • Raglans $27
  • Hoodies & Sweatshirts $30
(Additional costs: $3 for size 2X+ and $2 for marble or tri-blend color)

 **Prices may vary on designer, style, sale, etc. so please be sure to read the description for each item.

Available in Sizes:

  • Adults: XS to 4XL ~ Bella Canvas fits True To Size
  • Kids: Infant, Toddler, and Youth

In the world of graphic tees there are 3 main ways to create designs: 

  • Vinyl Designs can be any color and placed on ANY shirt color (either cotton or a poly/cotton blend).
  • Screen Prints, are created by forcing the ink through a screen (thin material) to create designs. Can be multicolor & used on any color shirt.
  • Sublimation, are very colorful but must go on light colored shirts only with a minimum of 50% Polyester (preferably 100% for result).

Most of the designs offered here are screen print transfers. A screen printed transfer (also known as a plastisol transfer) is an image which has been screen printed onto paper instead of directly onto the garment. The designers love that there are more shirt color and shade options that cannot be achieved with vinyl. Sublimation has the ability to have great coloring but the process to get best colors (haven’t used yet but just got supplies) can take a few extra days. The Screen Print process is much faster to press and finish as compared to vinyl which has to be cut, weed and then press and Sublimation which takes the time to print and also takes longer to press it. Because more ink is used in the Screen Print process it does give a heavier feel which can also be felt with most Vinyl whereas in Sublimation you cannot feel the die because it’s intertwined with the polyester fibers.

Most of the T-shirt designs can be produced with either of these methods, however the pricing will be different and this option may not be available with every design. It is important to read the entire description for each listing.

CARE: I HIGHLY advise that you do not use heat on these tees (cool wash and hang dry) or the paint will crack! This is specifically for the vinyl but regardless this should be followed with all graphic printed products.